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Brixham Youth Council

After many months of preparatory work the Brixham Youth Council is finally ready to come into existence and start work on issues that interest and/or concern young people.

The Youth Council will have a close relationship with the Town Council and will be a real chance for those among us who are younger than our Town Councillors to have a say in what happens in our town and to introduce ideas and concerns of their own for debate by the Town Council.

The hope is that young people between 11 and 19 years old, from all backgrounds, will step forward and join the Youth Council so that it becomes a meaningful voice for the young.

There will be a meeting at “The Edge” on October 15th at 5.30pm.  If you care about the future of Brixham, are between 11 and 19 and live or are at school or work in Brixham, please come along to this meeting.  Your presence will contribute to a successful launch of Brixham Youth Council.  Everyone will be made welcome.

Youth Poster


About the Youth Council

Brixham Youth Council is a committee of the Town Council made up of young people aged 11 – 19. It is open to every young person who lives or attends school within the parish boundary.

The aims of the youth council are:

1) To be a voice for children and young people in Brixham.

2) To raise the profile of children and young people in a positive way.

3) To meet and work with groups and agencies that work with and around the issues affecting young people to ensure the needs of children and young people are addressed.

4) To ensure the town council are aware of the needs of individuals or groups of children or young people who may experience disadvantage or are unable to speak for themselves.

5) The youth council is not linked to any political party and will promote local democracy to all young people.

6) To build a relationship with the town council.

7) To ensure children and young people know that they and their opinions are valued.

8) To commend on town council policies which may affect the quality of life and opportunities for children and young people.

9) To identify and help resolve forms of discrimination against children and young people.

10) To develop links with outside organisations such as the British Youth Council. Youth councillors will act as representatives of the young people of Brixham at civic events and other functions.

The Youth Council receives an annual budget from the town council to spend on improving the lives of children and young people in Brixham.  


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