Brixham Town Council 2018-19 Budget Reflects Community's Priorities

Brixham Town Council has set their budget for 2018/19 and demonstrated their strong support for key organisations that are part of the fabric of the community.

The precept has increased by 7.24% compared to 2017/18 and represents a weekly rise of 10p per household based on a Band D property.

Presenting the proposals to members, Finance and General Purposes Committee Chair, Councillor David Giles, told members that there had been an unprecedented response by the public to the council's recent budget consultation exercise with 222 residents providing their feedback and suggestions.

"If members had accepted all of the identified priorities we would have had to ask for an increase in the precept exceeding 20%", he said.

"Instead we have balanced those items which the public have identified as being most important to them with the strategy set out by the council in its Strategy Document 2016-2019 in order to present a balanced and fair approach."

The budget reflects the reality that Torbay Council are no longer able to provide core funding in the non-statutory area of their budget and we make no apology for stepping into the breach to help our local organisations."

Major support includes:

  •     17,000 for Brixham Does Care
  •     15,000 for Brixham Heritage Museum
  •     6,000 for the new Brixham Theatre CIO to support the 1st year of the company's existence based on the receipt of a satisfactory business plan
  •     10,000 to be set aside to help with the provision of a Community Bus, working with Torbay Council
"At the present time the community appears to be satisfied with the work that is done by the Town Lengthsman but have no immediate desire to increase his hours. We have listened to the comments provided and will be retaining the post at the current level of 16 hours per week", said Councillor Giles.

"We have also retained the Seasonal Display budget at 20,000."

"We have rejected a request from the Police for 4,000 to fund Automatic Number Plate Recognition equipment (ANPR) as we agree with our community that to provide such funding, even for such a valuable item in the fight against crime, would clearly be double taxation, and we have also set aside any consideration of the introduction of a Town Centre Manager as we look to Torbay Council to take the lead in the redevelopment of our town."

"Finally, to ensure that the precept increase is kept to the minimum possible we are bringing forward 10,000 from the General Reserve into the budget, and in doing so we believe that we have properly balanced the needs of the community with fiscal responsibility."

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