No12 Bus
With the imminent closure of Brixham Road, the Town Council has secured from the developers DAYRIDER TICKETS for the number 12 Stagecoach bus. Brixham Town Council will be distributing these tickets throughout the period the road is closed. To meet the criteria, you MUST live, work or study in Brixham and meet one of the following:
• Keyworkers
• Students from Brixham College and Churston Grammar who are travelling from Torquay and Paignton
• Students travelling from Brixham to South Devon College
To apply for a dayrider ticket, please email buspass@brixhamtowncouncil.gov.uk with the following details:
• Evidence of your address
• ID Badge or letter from school / employer
***Please note: applicants must have the facility to download the Stagecoach app to their mobile devices.***