The Town Council currently owns and manages four allotment sites as below:

  • Dixons Land
  • Wall Park
  • Drew Street
  • Mount Pleasant

The Town Council also manages a further site at Penn Lane.

The Town Council took over the administration of the Brixham Allotment gardens in October 2008. Brixham Town Council has a policy of Ďone person one plotí to enable those on the waiting list to more readily get an allotment. The Stoney Park Allotment Association is working closely with the Town Council with regard to waiting lists and availability.

All Town Council allotment gardens are monitored regularly, except during prolonged periods of bad weather such as this winterís exceptional rainfall, and plot holders who are not cultivating their plots adequately are contacted to ensure that no plot falls below standard or into disuse.

There is still a waiting list of  people wanting allotments. The date at which tenancies were commenced each year has been changed to September to better fit in with the planting year.

Would you like an allotment? If so, please contact the Town Council to add your name to the waiting list. You must live in Brixham to qualify for an allotment with us.

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