Brixham Town Council & Committee Meetings

All Council meetings are open to the public and have been accessible during the pandemic via Zoom up to and including our Full Council meeting last week. However, with the easing of restrictions, Brixham Town Council is legally obliged to enable members of the public to attend our meetings in person. Torbay is seeing a high level of COVID cases and the Council has a duty to protect its Staff, Councillors and members of the public as well as ensure that the Council can continue to operate. Therefore, should anyone wish to attend a meeting in person, they will need to register at least two days prior to the meeting by contacting the Council offices. We will continue to use Zoom and members of the pubic are encouraged to join the Council meetings in this manner and the Zoom meeting link can be found on the agendas. In order to protect our staff, Councillors and those that wish to attend the meeting in person, the use of face coverings, hand sanitiser and track and trace will remain as a must when visiting the Town Hall.

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