Members of Brixham Town Council have declared a Climate Emergency and pledged to work with partners in Torbay to support UK and International strategies to combat Global Warming. At their recent council meeting members unanimously passed a comprehensive resolution that declared a climate emergency, pledging to call upon Torbay Council to do the same, call on Westminster to provide powers and resources to make the 2030 target possible, agreed to work with partners in Torbay, the county and region to deliver the goal through all relevant strategies and plans and asked Torbay Council to develop an Action Plan for the Bay within 6 months. Town Clerk Tracy Hallett says that members acknowledged that they have a responsibility to the community of Brixham, the wider community of Torbay and beyond to play a part in tackling the most fundamental issue of our time, the future of the planet. “All agreed that action is needed now and pledged that Brixham Town Council will do its bit to help to achieve local solutions, and called upon Torbay Council to ensure that the Action Plan includes measures that promotes community, public, business and other Council partnerships, and outlines how they will achieve adequate staff time and resources to undertake the necessary actions to achieve the target”, said Tracy. “Brixham Town Council will be setting up a Climate and Environment Working Group early in the autumn whose terms of reference will include the requirement to put forward practical ideas for implementation in our own community”, she added.

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