Brixham Town Council Gardening Assistance Scheme

New Brixham Town Council Gardening Assistance Scheme - launch of the pilot will start in April, register your interest now. Brixham Town Council have announced that they will be launching a pilot Gardening Assistance Scheme for the elderly and disabled in April 2020. The scheme will be an extension of the Lengthsman programme and is aimed at providing rudimentary gardening assistance for disabled persons or elderly residents who are over the age of 70 and do not have an able bodied person living on their premises or access to any other similar scheme that may be provided by a Landlord. Assistance will be available at a rate of £10 for the first hour with an additional £5 per hour for any additional work, with a minimum of one to a maximum of 10 hours per annum for each household that registers with Brixham Town Council for any work to be carried out. Presenting the project Chair of the Community Services Committee, Councillor Paul Addison, told a recent Full Council meeting that the pilot scheme seeks to build on the success of the Lengthsman programme. “The public have embraced the role that the Lengthsman has played in keeping reported areas of the community well managed by performing such tasks as grass cutting and hedge cutting and has been hugely popular”, said Paul. “Assisted Gardening Schemes are very popular in many parts of the country and the Council believes that adding this work to the Lengthsman programme is a logical addition to the range of services being provided and we are confident that those who are eligible will take the opportunity to sign up to have work done at their properties”, he added. A registration form can be found in the Brixham Signal or email to have one sent to you or collect at the office.

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