In May, Brixham Town Council announced the exciting news that we had secured Wishings Field
(also known as Pathfields and Weststar). We have been delighted with the response so far and
have been overwhelmed with the offers of help. Thank you.

The Wildlife and Countryside Act prevents us from carrying out much of the maintenance to the
hedges and trees during the nesting season, including some of the grass cutting. But that won’t
stop us from planning. In the meantime, we will maintain the public footpath and, with a little help,
observe the wildlife so we have a clearer picture of the types of habitats that are attracted to
Wishings Field.

As we stated in our press release, the Village Green has an abundance of wildlife and we have
considered how we could enhance the space into an accessible wildlife habitat that could include a
garden of reflection, community orchard or sensory garden.

So, what does that mean in general? The Council believes that Wishings Field should be open and
accessible for every member of our community. It is recognised that there are already play parks
close by in either direction, so we are envisaging an open green space for quiet enjoyment. A place
that welcomes wildlife, where you can meet friends and have a picnic, where the community can
meet and where we all feel a sense of place.