Chairperson and Vice Chairperson

The Chairperson for 2023-24 is Cllr Michael Roseveare and the Vice Chairperson for 2023-24 is Cllr Steve Leech.

The Chairperson of the Town Council is responsible for chairing meetings of the Council.  They also attend civic duties many of which include attending community events.  If you would like to invite the Chairperson to an event you are organising, please contact the Council offices with the event information.

St Peters with St Marys Ward Councillors at Torbay Council

Councillor Attendance

Explanation of the columns


The number of Council meetings that the Councillor was expected to attend.


The number of Council meetings that the Councillor attended.

Councillor Expected Present
Councillor Paul Addison 25 28
Councillor David Blackmore 30 21
Councillor Carol Gray 27 9
Councillor Richard Haddock 36 36
Councillor Susan Laurie 16 10
Councillor Steve Leech 10 15
Councillor Anne Massey 30 19
Councillor Wendy Okurut 25 15
Councillor Jill Regan 36 30
Councillor Michael Roseveare 21 17
Councillor Christopher Simmonds 21 12
Councillor Oliver Swain 36 25

This table was last updated on 17th April 2023

Attendance of Torbay Ward Councillors is not mandatory at Town Council meetings (unless they are a Town Councillor), but always welcome.  In the period May 2022 – April 2023, Torbay Councillors attended 4 Town Council meetings.