Available Grants

Brixham Town Council is committed to supporting and strengthening the community groups which help to make a positive difference to Brixham as a place to live and work.

At the discretion of the Town Council, grants are awarded to appropriate community organisations who demonstrate a clear need for financial support and contribute towards the vision and aims for Brixham.

The Town Council will support community groups based in the town who seek to develop joint community-based links with surrounding communities.

Though there are no limits to the size of organisation which may apply to the Council, grants are normally targeted at small, local voluntary and community organisations where a small amount of money can make a significant difference.  The Council want to see applications that engage local people and encourage them to participate at all levels in the groups and organisations.

There are two categories of grants:

  1. Small Grants of £500 and under
  2. Large Grants of £501 to £3,000.

Grants are considered quarterly and the Finance and General Purposes Committee meetings in April, July, October and January.  Grant applications should be submitted to the Town Council in good time for these meetings but at least 8 days prior to the Committee meeting date.

Applicants are encouraged to read the grant policy carefully and ensure that their project complies with the criteria set by the Town Council.  Any applications received that do not, are unlikely to be put forward to the Committee.

Successful Applications 2022-2023

Brixham Future CIC £3,500.00 Jubilee Events Community Projects
Northview Platinum Jubilee Gardens £300.00 Developing Northview greenspace Grants
Friends of The Vigilance £5,000.00 Phase 1 Centenary Project Grants
WWII Historian £300.00 History Leaflets Grants
Cycle Torbay £2,000.00 Brixham Bike Hub Grants
South West Coast Path Association £1,000.00 Repairs to Coast Path Community Projects
Girl Guides £750.00 Purchase of Computer Grants
Brixham in Bloom £90.00 In Bloom Competition Grants
Edible Earth £3,400.00 Community Allotment Grants
All Saints Church £250.00 Town Clock maintenance Grants
St. Mary’s Bowling Club £1,000.00 Installation of CCTV Grants
Brixham Pirate Festival £4,500.00 Annual Pirate Festival Grants

Successful Applications 2021-2022

Organisation Amount Reason for Grant Funding Pot
Brixham Chamber of Commerce £430.00 Floral Display in Middle Street Community Recovery
Youth Genesis £7,357.70 Youth Support Community Recovery
Brixham AFC £2,500.00 Match funding for boundary net replacement Grant
Brixham in Bloom £50.00 Refreshments for Judges Grant
All Saints Church £250.00 Annual support for Town Clock Grant
Brixham YES £5000.00 To support Brixham Stronger Together Community Recovery
Brixham Pirate Festival £5000.00 Pirate Festival 2022 Community Recovery
South Devon Players £1000.00 Hire of rehearsal space for 12 months Grant
Shoalstone Pool £13,000.00 Major repairs Grant