Wildflowers 1

The Town Lengthsmen planted the seeds for wildflower verges across Brixham in the spring of 2023, which have now grown and are thriving with wildlife.

You can find them on:

  • Overgang Road
  • Smardon Avenue
  • Higher Ranscombe Road
  • Southdown Avenue
  • Summercourt Way
  • Mathill Roundabout

Wildflowers provide benefits to pollinators, insects and wildlife. Some of which include:

  • Providing pollinators and insects with food from leaves, pollen, nectar, shelter and places to breed.
  • Enabling the wildflowers to develop seeds that produce more flowers by transferring pollen.
  • Providing an important food source for birds and small mammals during the winter.

Wildflower Bee Wildflower Photo

Wildflower Wildflowers Smardon